Answer :  Oxi9 was founded in 2011. Previously it was known by M/s. Success World Tradex Private Ltd..

Answer :  At Oxi9, we always aim to ensure the availability of all our products throughout the lifespan of a catalogue. Sometimes however, due to reasons beyond our control, some products may become temporarily unavailable, but same shall be made available in 45-60Days. If items are not available for a reasonable period of time after the release of the catalogue, but become available again, same shall be intimated online. Oxi9 will endeavour to make items available to you at the price advertised in the current catalogue..

Answer :  A Person may Contact our existing Consultants or directly Contact to Company Offices/Branches. All consultants are abiding by the Consultant Practice Manual (Business Plan and Terms and Conditions) issued by the company. This Business Plan can be Availed from Any of the Franchise/ CNF/ Dispatch Agency/Company Office/Company Branch..

Answer :  There is no cost of starting the Oxi9 business. You can start this business by taking Catalogue or downloading Oxi9 App..

Answer :  No, Oxi9 Consultants are independent marketing and branding channel partners and not employees of the company. Any Miss representation will lead to cancellation of Consultancy..

Answer :  Oxi9 products can purchased from: a. Oxi9 Consultant b. Associated stores c. Oxi9.com. .

Answer :  Our products are price-competitive and good value for the money. On a cost-per-use basis, these products are priced very competitively. It is also important to note that Oxi9 Consultants are selling more than just products—theyre also selling an exceptional level of service. Oxi9 products are delivered directly to the customer and are backed by the Oxi9 Satisfaction Guarantee. Oxi9 extensive product line makes it possible for customers to do virtually all their shopping without leaving home or worrying about the hassles of returns. Their Consultant does all the work for them. This convenience is very appealing to many of todays busy people, and for many it is worth a little bit more..

Answer :  Most of our Product manufacturing from such unit having certificate like 1. ISO 9001 -2008 2. WHO certified. 3. Halal certified 4. GMP certified. These certificates show the quality of product. Most of our products are paraben free products. What are Parabens? Used as an ingredient in many consumer products, cosmetics, toiletries, and medicines, parabens are preservatives that cost little to produce and are designed inhibit the growth of bacteria to extend the shelf life of moisturizers, wrinkle creams, eye serums and a great number of cosmetics. They are simple and inexpensive for the manufacturer to use, but the cost to a Human health is considerable. Commonly added to moisturizers and other face creams, these cheap preservatives have been directly linked to certain health issues such as breast cancer in women by research. More recently products containing parabens are being suspected in male hormone imbalance, early onset of female puberty, and childrens allergies. That is because parabens are an estrogen mimic and many body systems are sensitive to estrogen. .

Answer :  The Oxi9 consultancy is open to everyone, regardless of gender, race, age (18Yrs+ only), religion, or political or other personal beliefs. The Oxi9 consultancy appeals to women, men, couples, and families from all backgrounds. Oxi9 has helped to empower many of women around the world by offering them a no-cost, low-risk opportunity to achieve their goals by owning their own consultancy business. This fact is especially gratifying to us. .

Answer :  Everyone above 18 Years is welcome to start Oxi9 as a Consultant. People from all backgrounds have been successful with us. We provide a rare opportunity to start your own business, where the only investment needed is your time, acommitment and passion. However, company decision is final to accept or reject consultant application..

Answer :  As a new Consultant you will have a more experienced Consultant as a coach, guiding and assisting you. Your coach will introduce you to Oxi9 and help you with all the necessary information you need in the beginning..

Answer :  There are two ways of making money with Oxi9. As a Sales Consultant you order products at a reduced price level and sell to customers at catalogue price. Further, you can invite others to start as well and build a team of marketing people for selling on large scale, and thereby earn additional income..

Answer :  You decide yourself when and how much you want to work. Whether you want to dedicate yourself full time or want to make some extra money during your spare time, it is up to you. There are no opening hours so you can invest your time in a way that suits you. However, it is your responsibility to give service to your belonging customers and consultants if they needed. Failing to that may lead to shift the responsibility to others..

Answer :  We do not use any dangerous ingredients. Our products are 100% vegetarian. Oxi9 customers can be assured that all ingredients used in our products are fully compliant with the relevant cosmetic regulations. Our products are formulated are in line with the strictest safety guidelines, and therefore pose no risk to human health We say no: To harmful and banned ingredients We say no: To synthetic dyes and fragrances We say no: To animal derived ingredients We say no: To anti environmental practices We say no: To hiding the ingredients .

Answer :  A. Never give your password to anyone online. B. Make your password strong by incorporating numbers, letters in small and capital, and special characters like @, #, etc. wherever allowed. C. If you have fallen for an online scam and gave out your password, change your password right away. You can do this by entering the Edit Profile section and modifying login information. D. Once you have finished surfing through Oxi9, do not leave the site open and be sure to log off from the site. .